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How to Care
for ICONIC Products 

Clean and Maintain your paint protection film.

Taking a few minutes will increase the lifetime of your paint protection film for years.

Caring for ICONIC

Following these simple care instructions are recommended.

Beware of Non-standard Car Wash.

Keeping your car clean is what we expect but Improper car washing is what we should know.

Do not pressure wash your paint protection film.

Manually washing your car is enough for ICONIC PPF, due to advanced coating technology.

Keep ICONIC always bright.

​While ICONIC PPF is formulated to mainly protection, the car's gloss is reduced. You can use a specific ICONIC Nano Coating to increase the shine.

The secret method to keep your car look new with full protection.

Maintainance in winter.

No need to concern, that's why ICONIC is called  the real Full Protection Film in the world.

Maintenance in Summer.

ICONIC has high UV protection in each series which are up to 99% protection. So it is unnecessary to concern in sunlight.

When to remove ICONIC PPF.

After installation for a long time , you may start to notice of the surface of ICONIC PPF which can reduce car's brightness. When this occurs you must remove it.

Consult our Certified ICONIC Partner about removing and replacing new ICONIC paint protection film.

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